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on your iOS device
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- Easy to use
- Nicely designed
- Made for iPhone and iPad

The developer

Florian Friedrich (@ffried)

Florian is the inventor and main developer of Filapp and wrote most of the code. When introduced their file API and there appeared no apps for iOS to manage the files for some time Florian came up with the idea for this app.
He is 20 years old and living in Switzerland. In 2010 he started developing iOS apps and today he is working as a iOS and OS X developer at a mobile app development company in Switzerland.

Further involved and special thanks to

Dennis Parussini (@thedan84)

Dennis is an iOS newcomer. He started learning iOS development about a year ago. Florian asked him to join this project and it is his first bigger project which helps him to learn a lot about iOS development. He did the users detail view of the first version and provided a lot of new feature ideas. He is also one of the main beta testers.

Thaddeus Ternes (@thaddeus)

Thaddeus offered support right from the beginning. He is an iOS and Mac developer for many years and is also a main beta tester of Filapp. He offered help with debugging serious bugs and giving advice.
He is as well the developer of Dossier, an ADN file browser and uploader for OS X.